Docs. Workflow

The Sendicate workflow works best with the following process.

Choose a Design & Customize

Start by going to Manage then Design, and pick a base design. Then in the Customize sidebar select the appropriate styles, fonts, and colors.

For advanced customization click Edit Html and edit the template code. See our template documentation for reference.

Add Subscribers

Either through importing, signup forms, or the API, add your subscribers to get started.

By default there is a list called “default list” that has the account email already added.

Compose Your Email

In Compose choose the sections that best suits matches your content. Mix and match different sections like 1 column or image. Sections can be re-ordered or deleted from the edit section button.

See our Composing & Customizing for more details.

Preview & Customize

Review different designs by using the design drop down picker, and make any one-off design changes by clicking the customize button.

Send a Test

We always recommend sending a test.

Send the email.

Click send.

Review Stats & Reporting

From Messages go to the Sent section and click the email to review.