Docs. Managing Subscribers

Subscribers are managed by creating lists.

Creating Lists

In the Manage, Subscribers section, click Create New List in the sidebar.

Then enter a name for the list and submit the form.

Choose if the list is single or double opt-in.

Adding Subscribers

Click Add Subscribers from the Messages sidebar. Subscribers can be added either by pasting in the emails, or by uploading a CSV file.

Alternatively, create a signup form so your subscribers can add themselves.

Editing Subscribers

In Subscribers list, click the email address of the subscriber to edit.

Searching Subscribers

Use the search box to search for subscribers by name or email.

Access the Advanced Search by clicking the triangle in the search box to expand the search options.

The Advanced Search allows for all custom fields to be searched as well as metadata such as clicks and opens.

Boolean logic based searches with AND and OR searches can also be conducted. For example search for those subscribers with a “customer status” set to “active” AND a high click and open rate.

Smart Lists & Segmentation

Create smart lists and segments in Sendicate through the advanced search widget. See the Smart Lists section for more details.

Editing & Deleting Lists

From the list to be edited select Edit list details from the sidebar. The edit page has the option to rename, delete, or choose opt-in type for lists.

Exporting Subscriber Data

From the list to be exported select export to csv from the right sidebar.