Docs. Smart Lists & Segmentation

Smart Lists can be created based on any custom field criteria such as gender, location, purchase history, or customer status. Any data that is sent to Sendicate can be targeted directly or through specific combinations such as “men” in “California” that have made a “purchase”. There are limitless combinations and opportunities, and if you have the data you can segment and target it.

Smart Lists can also be created using data collected in Sendicate, including activity (clicks, opens), location (country and region), and email client (iPhone, webmail). It is now possible to create Smart Lists such as “Never Opened” or “Never Clicked”, or even “iPhone users in New York”. This allows for some powerful targeting capabilities.

One of the best features of our Smart Lists is that they are real-time with live data. Any segment is created instantly and is always up to date, and there is no limit to the amount of Smart Lists or combinations.

Smart Lists can be identified in the Subscribers List by having a small lightning icon next to the list’s name. Any list with this icon has live data that can change from moment to moment.

Creating Smart Lists

To create a Smart List click the triangle in the search box to expand the search options. Enter your Smart List criteria and click “Save Results as Smart List”. Or alternatively the data can be previewed just like a regular search. Each custom field data type has its own search operators. Text can have “contains” or “matches”, numbers can be “greater than” or “less than”, dates can be “before” or “after”.

Importing Segmention Data

Smart Lists can be used with any of the default stats we track such as clicks and device type, but additional data needs to be imported as custom fields via our API, CSV imports, or by editing each subscriber’s custom fields manually.