Docs. Restricted Emails

Subscriber emails that bounce, unsubscribe, or report the mailing as spam are quarantined and will not be mailed again. Sometimes this is called a suppression list. These restricted emails can be found in Manage, then Subscribers, then by clicking View Restricted Emails in the sidebar.

Restricted Emails Report

All the emails in this report are quarantined and will not be mailed.

TotalTotal number of restricted emails
ComplainedNumber of subscribers that have complained of spam by clicking spam in their mail client
InvalidTotal number of bounces and incorrect email addresses
UnsubscribedTotal number of unsubscribed recipients. These users click “unsubscribe” in the email footer

Manually Adding Emails To Restricted Emails

Restricted emails can be added through the regular importer. Simply add a column called subscribed with the value set to false.

An example of the CSV would be:

email, subscribed, false, false

This would move those emails to the restricted list.