Docs. Reporting & Analytics

Sendicate tracks detailed metrics for each sent email. A full report can be found by clicking the email from the Sent section on the Messages page.

Message Statistics

DeliveredThe total number of emails delivered (sent minus bounced)
Total OpensThe total number of times the emails were opened. Included multiple opens.
Unique OpensThe number of times it was opened by unique subscribers.
Total ClicksThe total number of times links were clicked
Unique ClicksThe number of clicks from unique subscribers.
BouncedEmails that bounced due to incorrect address, full mailbox, etc.
UnsubscribedThe amount of subscribers that unsubscribed from this mailing
ComplainedThe number of subscribers that marked the email as spam in their mail client

Note: These reports can be clicked for a subscriber level report. See who clicked the links, etc.

Sendicate tracks each link and shows the following report.

LinkThe link that was clicked. Click the link to see who clicked what link.
Total ClicksThe total number of times the link was clicked
Unique ClicksThe number it was clicked by unique subscribers