Docs. Compose Emails

Composing and sending an email is easy with Sendicate. Here is some extended info on the fields and sections:

Who are we sending to?

RecipientsSelect the subscriber list. Click “manage subscribers” to create or edit a list.
Sent fromThe from name of an email, eg “Sendicate” or “Fred Peters”
Reply toThe email address of the message. Replies will be sent here
SubjectThe email subject

Additional options are available in the “options” drop down.

Schedule Email

To schedule an email choose “schedule email” from the options menu. There are the following options:

One timeSelect the date and time
Daily/Weekly/etcSelect a recurring schedule. Useful when using data feeds
Not scheduledRemoves the schedule

The timezone can be set on the “account” page.

Compose a section

There are 6 main types of blocks for use in templates and composing. Each section can have its own bespoke styling and layout allowing for flexible templates. The section blocks are:

One columnOne column with title, body, image and link
Two columnTwo column with title, body, image and link
Three columnTwo column with title, body, image and link
HeadlineHeading, subheading, link, and image
ImageImage and link
VideoInsert a Youtube or Vimeo link to embed a video, along with title and body
More options: Data to emailFetches content from a data feed. Read more.
More options: HTMLDisplays straight HTML

“Edit section” has options to re-order or delete each section.

Each section has the following basic elements. These vary per section:

ImageClick the camera icon to upload an image. Once an image has been uploaded it can be replaced or removed.
TitleThe title heading. For an image, the title will be used as alt text to be shown if images are disabled
BodyThe main body content. If text is selected a formatting toolbar appears with options for bold, italics, a list, or to create a link
Link titlePaired with link URL, this creates the link text
Link URLPaired with link title, this creates the link
Video URLInsert a Youtube or Vimeo link to embed a video


The preview combines the content with the design. There are the following options

Choose Design

Use the drop down to select the desired design. The preview will update.

Customize Template

Each design can have its own customization options. Click the “Customize Template” sidebar button to see available options.

Any design changes made here are on-off changes. Permanent design changes can be made in Manage > Designs.

Send final email to the following

Confirm the details of the email, then click “Send final email” to send.

If an email is scheduled, clicking “schedule this email” to schedule the email.

There is a final confirmation window to send the final email.

If there are any issues or errors, these will be displayed under the button.

Test this email

Send a test to email to the specified recipient. Multiple recipients can be added separated by commas.