Docs. Account Settings

Update all your account settings here.

Account Details

Name and email used for administrative, billing, and communications.

Sender Details

These details appear on each of your emails.

Upload a logo to have it show in email in the header, sign-up and unsubscribe pages.

From Name & Email

The from name and email are the default values for all email sent. The from name is often a company name or your real name. Make sure the email is valid as any replies will be sent here.


The address is used for CAN-SPAM compliance and must be filled out to send emails. It will appear in the footer of each outgoing email.

The website link will be used to link back to your site in the email header or logo.


Set the timezone for reporting in your local time.


Add your facebook or twitter names to automatically add social buttons to the bottom of each email.

The Twitter field is your twitter account name, eg sendicate.

The Facebook field is your Facebook short link, eg

Check “tag links” to have your links automatically tagged with Google Analytics link tracking.

Plan & Billing

See your plan, billing history, and invoices. Your credit card can be updated here.

API Access

The API token for your account. See the API documentation for more information.